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Monday Money Matters Archive

Monday Money Matters

February 27, 2017

Planning Considerations for those Close to Retirement

For those that are a few years away from retirement, the planning objectives start to shift away from accumulation and growth to income planning and capital preservation. There is simply not a “one size fits all” approach mainly because each set of facts and circumstances is different. For example – those that are bringing debt into retirement must consider ways to pay down that debt prior to retirement. Those that are planning to work part-time must consider the tax implications of their earnings and strategize the most efficient way to take social security benefits.

January 09, 2017

Emails at the Beginning of the Month

I love the beginning of each month as my inbox is flooded with copy of notices concerning interest deposits being made into our client’s IRA accounts. At other times of the month when I sit at my desk and find out that I have 250 plus unread emails – the frustration starts to set in – but not in the beginning of the month. In addition – just as many checks and direct deposits are also being sent to our clients. The total of these deposits are well into the five figure area and on average our clients are earning in the 7% plus range on their hard earned funds.

December 12, 2016

Some Retirement Risks To Consider

Over my almost 30 years in the financial services business I have counseled 100’s of individuals and couples about the process of preparing for retirement. Over the years I have moved more from the traditional textbook – computer model – boilerplate approach to retirement planning, to a more realistic planning approach. Let me provide a quick example. There is an unlimited choice of web based retirement planning programs that are easily

accessible. The challenge is that as one inputs data they are making a ton of assumptions about their future such as – rates of return – age at death – future inflation - spending patterns/needs – etc. With more experience - I

quickly learned that the old saying is definitely true – “life is what happens while we are busy making other plans”. I learned that spending can be much higher in the early years of retirement then later in life when health

concerns start to set in. An early death of a spouse can throw off all assumptions. Long term care needs – especially the onset of a disease such as Alzheimer’s – will turn even the best laid plans upside down.

November 28, 2016

Lump Sum Pension Options Growing in Popularity

Over the almost 30 years I have worked in the financial services industry – I have evaluated a bucket full of lump sum pension options for clients and contacts. The most valuable caution that I share with folks is their need to answer a very personal question – how disciplined they are. When someone takes a lump sum from their previous employer’s pension plan – they now must exert a level of discipline that they may not be used to in their lives. When retirement funds sit in an employer’s account – they are often difficult (if not impossible) to get ones’ hands on – there is no “ATM Card” that come with employer plans. On the other hand – if someone decides to transfer (roll over) funds from their employer plan into their own IRA – their access to those funds become much easier. I have witnessed multiple clients that have either rolled over funds or inherited money and over a few years – the temptation to take the funds (even paying sizable taxes) is too great. They end up with a greatly depleted account when the time comes to retire.

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" I have been working with Dan for several years and my wife and I became his clients a year ago, because I was concerned about losing their savings in the stock market and who wanted an alternative high yielding investment without substantially increasing their risk. Dan keeps all his clients updated with his very informative weekly emails which explain what is happening in the financial markets around the world. Although he is very busy he always makes time to answer my client's questions in a timely fashion. I have and will continue to highly recommend him to anyone looking to preserve their retirement savings in this low interest rate environment."

Gregory S. - Ridley Park, PA

Current Client

“My wife and I have been clients of Dan for about 5 years. Over that time Dan has introduced us to many different savings and investment vehicles and has taken his time to explain the ins and outs of each. We have been well satisfied with the performance of the various accounts that he has established on our behalf. He always returns our calls promptly and is readily available to assist us with any service needs that come up.”


Dennis and Pat - Wilmington, DE

Current Client

"Dan was able to assist our finance committee in producing significantly more monthly interest on reserve funds that were gifted to us by a former member who passed away several years ago. By moving the funds from low interest accounts to a portfolio of alternative safe money products, we have been able to greatly enhance our musical programming. Our benefactor left us the funds for the purpose of enriching our music program, and I am sure she would be quite happy with the progress that we are making."

Bill D. - Pastor

Pastor of Religious Organization

"We have been working with Dan for the past 5 years in the establishment and management of investments related to our pre-funding program. To date every investment that Dan has made on our behalf has paid the promised amount and the program has been a great success. I would recommend any Credit Union leader or Board consult with Dan about creating a pre-funding program using his offerings of safe money products."


President of a Local Credit Union

"Risk Free Retirement Planners (now works hard to ensure our financial goals are working with minimal risk and a substantial increase in our interest growth. Dan Reisinger has demonstrated a strong working knowledge of his industry, and he explains, in a plan format, the proper steps necessary for moving towards stronger portfolio management policy. Dan has been willing to introduce's products and services to our Board of Directors and sub- committees to ensure a solid working relationship on portfolio management. Anyone who is working on future growth or trying to develop a financial tool that will increase revenue streams, while continuing to promote low risk, should consider making Dan Reisinger and the Safe Investing Services a part of their business model. Dan and his team work hard to be a working partner with your growth models, revenue projections and accurate document management procedures."

B. Smith

CFO Board of Realtors

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