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** Mariner MCA Income Fund, LLC


** This is a short-term opportunity for accredited investors* who are looking for regular monthly income
· The fund invests solely with Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) vendors
· 12 month—monthly interest payments
· $50,000 minimum
· Rates 8% - 14% (depending on amount invested)
· Portfolio secured by pledged Accounts Receivable

* Accredited Investors are defined as person or person(s) whose net worth (exclusive of primary residence) is greater than $1MM OR whose individual income was $200,000 or more for the past 2 years or whose joint income with spouse was $300,000 or more for the past 2 years.

** Not available in all 50 states, please call for availability in your state.

Sample Rates (as of 8.1.18)

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