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Institutions, Associations, Organizations, and Businesses

Our institution, organization, and business investment platform is focused on creating higher yields in a principal protected portfolio. This is important for several reasons:


  1. We create safe money (principal protected) strategies with various WALs (Weighted Average Life - a measurement of how quickly the portfolio turns over), which can put portfolio dollars currently sitting in low-interest accounts to much better use.

  2. Our strategies mesh well with the need for interest income to help support institutional, organizational and business programming objectives.

Investing for Institutions, Organizations and Businesses - FAQs


How safe are the strategies that you utilize?

We use three different investment products that each have guarantees of principal. The security comes from FDIC/NCUA on our CD productsState guaranteed funds on our insurance-based products.


Is the interest deferred, or paid out as earned?

Some of the strategies pay monthly interest during the holding periods, which range from 12 months to 10 plus years. Some of the strategies pay deferred lump sums. We are able to tailor a strategy based on an institution, organization or business' needs and objectives.


How long is the commitment we make?

Depending on the product(s) chosen, the maturity can be as short as 12 months, and as long as 10 plus years. Combining various strategies allows for the creation of an acceptable WAL (Weighted Average Life), which is a measurement of how quickly the portfolio turns over. This WAL creates the liquidity that is required for the particular institution, organization or business' investment policy.


What are the average yields that can be earned in today’s low-interest rate environment?

This will depend on several factors, including total amount invested, and the WAL that the institution, organization or business is willing to accept. Normal WALs in the institutional, organizational and business worlds are in the 2 to 15-year timeframe, and yields in the 5% - 7% range are very achievable.



How about the institution's, organization's or business' long-standing relationship with other investment providers?

Our strategies focus on those funds that demand principal safety. We do not utilize any stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, so the funds that are earmarked for growth – not income – are not suitable for our products. In other words, we stay in "our lane" and are able to replace low yielding banking and investment products with our higher yielding safe money alternatives.


How are you compensated?

We are paid directly from the vendors of the products that we place for our institutional and association investor clients. We do not charge any fees – either up front, or ongoing.


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