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Safe Investing Services 


Safe Investing Services (SIS) offers a suite of traditional and alternative financial products. The safety in our products comes from the guarantees offered by the various product vendors to protect the principal invested by our clients. As Mark Twain once said, “People are more concerned about the return of their money than the return on their money”.


Our products are well suited to complement traditional stock and bond market investments. Our products are not correlated with the markets and therefore their performance is not affected. In addition - they do not change value with fluctuations in the markets. They are designed to produce either steady and predictable interest income payments or growth of principal invested at a fixed rate of return.


We work with both individual and institutional investors. Clients that are best suited to work with our firm are those that are looking for the safety of their principal along with fixed and predictable returns on the money that they place through us. Our products work with retirement funds (qualified), non-retirement funds (non-qualified), corporate defined benefit type pension plans, institutional reserve funds, religious organizations, trust funds, and corporate non-qualified funds.


Our firm is compensated fully by the vendors that we represent. We never charge fees to our clients – either upfront or ongoing. Our main objective is to match the objectives and risk tolerance of our clients with products that best meet those needs. 

The duration of the products that we offer are as little as 9 months and as long as 50 years.



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